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in summary:

We are experts in helping business owners to make their businesses sell more .

Using digital marketing tools , traditional marketing, local marketing, customer service and Internet strategy .

in detail:

in questions and answers (as if we were on a date)

How many years of experience
do you have?

The two partners of Te Ubicamos, Lorena and Jaime, have more than 20 years of business experience (yes, we know, we look younger, truth be told...)

Of those, a little more than 15 years as entrepreneurs in matters related to the Internet.

What are you experts at?

We are experts in helping small and medium businesses to use the Internet to the fullest to grow and generate more sales

Electronic commerce, social networks, electronic business strategy and digital marketing and customer service. We can help you.

Why is TeUbicamos created?

Seen all the knowledge we had from our own projects that we could pass on to other businesses to help them grow.

Lorena led a company she founded to sell 44 times more than what they sold on the Internet using Amazon, the website, and social media. 

Jaime has a site that reached more than 1 million page views per month, with clients from  Mexico to Argentina.

Where can I see more of your experience?

You can see the list of more than 90 clients in the "clients" section on this website - by clicking here - or go directly to Jaime's resume, by clicking here.

Where are you located?

Physically, enduring heat in Cali , Colombia. 

Can you help us if we are not in Cali?

Of course! That is our greatest experience. We have clients that we help virtually in several countries. Barriers do not exist for us. Additionally, we can serve you in either Spanish or English.

How is your methodology?

After a lot of experience as mentors and business advisors, we saw that the best way to work is through something we call " strategy sessions ".

What is a strategy session?

It is a meeting , where in 1 hour and a half , we work on the issues where we want to focus in order to have quick results using the Internet. 

Is there any document of the strategic session?

Yes ! We create a document together, shared it on the Internet, where you and we have access and there, we put what was seen in the strategic session and the homework that remain before the next session.

Ho-ho-ho homework?

Yes. Nobody knows your business better than yourself . For this reason, after a strategic session with us there are always homework.

Some of them for you and others that remain to us as advisors (such as sending you some information or finding out something we don't know at the time). 

Why do you leave homework?

It is the only way forward. The clients that we have had that are very judicious and see results quickly, are the ones that do the work.

If you are traumatized by the homework you did at school, don't worry. The one that we put, will motivate you and make you happy because you will see results in your business.

Why would I choose to work with you?

We have at least 20 reasons , but we only write down 3 :

1. We are entrepreneurs like you .
That makes us look at solutions where you don't have to invest a lot of money to bring in clients and look mainly at solutions with free tools.

2. We are experts in topics related to the Internet for your business . But we don't stop there. Based on our experience, many times what a business needs is to focus, review costs and sales prices, review logistics, review the natural market, organize. 
We are not a Digital Agency that tells you that you need X$ to "invest" it in advertising on Facebook or Instagram. We think like entrepreneurs, and we are going to solve problems that we have seen in dozens of companies that have nothing to do with Internet.

3.  We have done and do what we preach

We have led our companies to sell more, we have designed our strategies, brought traffic to websites, built followers and we know what we are doing.


If you want more reasons, you can ask us. Additionally, you can see the testimonials of clients who have worked with us, by CLICKING HERE

What problem could I have in my business, so that I decided to work with you?

You need more clients and you are already aware that the Internet can be an important channel for your business.

If you don't know how to handle social networks correctly : Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin or Twitter.

You do not have a specific north on Internet . Despite the fact that your business has social networks, a work team, a digital agency, a community manager, our experience makes these teams focus and the results multiply.

Your business does not appear well on Google when people search for your business. More importanto if you have a physical location and the Google business profile does not come out 100%.

You already have social networks, but they only give me "likes" but you don't sell .

You would like to sell your products on marketplaces like Amazon, Mercado Libre or on a website with e-commerce.

Among many other things...

Smiling Kids

Our Principles

Do not charge if the customer is not 100% satisfied.

We know what we do and that is why we have created a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the client does not receive what we put in the proposal that we make, he does not pay. 

Do not acquire a client if you do not need our service.

We are aware that not all clients can be ours. If we see that the client wants us to do something that will affect their ranking or the verification of their points of sale in Google, we do not do it just to close the deal.
We are mentors and advisors and we will only provide what is best for our clients.

Train the client so that he himself can maintain the files on Google, his social networks or websites.

In many years as lecturers on Internet business issues, we realized that entrepreneurs always complained that some designer or agency had "kept" the passwords, that they did not have access to their own domains that they had paid for, among many other things.
We would not like it if someone did it to us and we will not do it to anyone. After the verifications, co-administration will be given so that the company can edit or change what it needs in its Google my business file or enter its networks and websites without problem.

Advise and guide instead of selling.

With more than 15 years of experience in Internet projects and as business speakers, consultants and mentors, we know that many companies are missing what they need.
We do not sell services because they are fashionable if we do not see that they really serve the business.
We like truth and transparency in our lives and we pass that on to our business .

Something you want to know about us that you couldn't find?

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