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Jaime Penuela

is a problem solver and helps you and your business to sell more.


Jaime is an expert creating  strategies to help your business grow,  using Internet, social media, digital marketing and customer service as tools.




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(worked there or
helped create)

Where has it been:






Future Electronics

Candesa Foods

He has co-founded or helped create:

Micro-sensations (RIP)

Movie billboards
(Has had more than 1 million page views per month)

Te Ubicamos

(In 2 years, it already had clients in 40 cities in 3 countries)

Let's cook with love

(Supporting the strategy to sell healthy snacks without unpronounceable ingredients).



How Jaime has helped hundreds of businesses:

Defining clear sales strategies based on your business and market.

Reviewing and improving their sales channels one by one ( online and offline ).

Teaching them how to generate valuable content for their customers.

Reviewing your costs to make it more profitable.

Establishing specific strategies for YouTube , Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , Linkedin or Twitter , based on your market and where your customers are.

Knowing and defining  your current and potential customers .

Defining suitable packaging units for your product. 

Reviewing your brand , logo and image.


Developing websites that impact and help sell.

Applying how to offer 5-star online customer service .

Using UX ( User experience ) and CX ( Customer experience ) to generate value for your customers.

Using the Google business profile (formely known as Google my business) as a super tool for your business.

Among many other actions  that come out in the  strategic sessions with their clients...

Areas of experience:

 Business Strategy

 Google Business Profile. Google my business

 SEO. Search optimization

 Social Networks

 Customer & User Experience

 Generation & Content Marketing



 Personal Branding.

In summary:

Jaime is a specialist in putting himself in his client's shoes and in yours as an entrepreneur and with the resources you have (many or few), he helps you generate strategies to get more followers, clients and sales .




Jaime is co-author of the eBook (digital book)


SOCIAL NETWORKS: How to use them to generate sales, not just likes .

ISBN: 978-958-48-0955-1







Post-graduate degrees in:

LEADERSHIP (Leadership)  
McGill University. Montréal. Canada.

McGill University. Montréal. Canada.

McGill University. Montréal. Canada.

EAFIT University. Bogota. Colombia.


Javeriana Pontifical University Bogotá. Colombia.

Other Courses and certifications:

Certificate in Marketing ,
CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)
London. England.

Training Workshop for Trainers in the development of soft skills in entrepreneurship.
IDB , Confecamaras . Cali. Colombia.

Mentor Training,
Cali Chamber of Commerce. Colombia.


Customer Experience ,
Cali Chamber of Commerce. Colombia.


DawsonCollege, Montréal. Canada


business branding ,
Udemy. On-line.

Image by Samuel Pereira


(face-to-face or virtual)

Cali Chamber of Commerce . 
Cartagena Chamber of Commerce a.

Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce of Ibagué .

FENALCO Valle del Cauca.


Carvajal Cali Foundation.

Carvajal Buenaventura Foundation.

Heroes Fest.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali.

Uniminute Cali.

Uniminuto  Buga.

Unicatholic Cali.
ICESI University.



Jaime Peñuela has become an expert in topics related to Internet Businesses, he has more than 15 years of experience , creating businesses from scratch, learning from their successes and failures .

He has understood that the big mistake that entrepreneurs make is wanting to have their business on the Internet   without thinking why,  for what, the real objectives and how to reach the target client.

Their consultancies do not only focus on digital marketing , social networks or Internet tools.


He begins by analyzing the global business, the clients, the product or service, the business model,  the customer service and the human resources he has so, landing everything on a model that works successfully for your Internet business .

Consulting with Jaime

Step by Step

Jaime Penuela.jpg

For a
conference or workshop

Free 20-minute virtual consultation about the challenges you're having, your digital presence, and where you'd like to take your business.


Step 1:



1 hour and a half session where it is done a complete evaluation of your business in terms of marketing, customer service and content generation to be able to establish what to do correctly on the Internet.

It includes:

+ Strategic session of 1 hour and a half, virtual or face-to-face, personalized and based on your business and clients.

+ List of tasks to do.

+ Shared document of the strategies to work.


+ Total satisfaction Guarantee *

Step 2:


“Excellent conference at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters workers. It solved many doubts about how to do marketing on social networks. He is a very knowledgeable person. The best thing is that Jaime is an entrepreneur, he does what he talks about.” 


—  Nenuco, Children's Fashion

(on video)

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