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10 Benefits

to verify your

business on google

with you we locate


1. Your customers will have a better experience

92% of people searching the Internet use Google and expect the information they find to be correct .

If your business address, phone or hours are wrong, it will cause great disappointment.

We make sure that all your business information is what your customers need to contact you or get to your door.

2. You will be

one click to be contacted

When your business appears in Google results directly, your customer only needs to click to call you, to visit your website or to ask for directions.

On the contrary, when your  information only appears within a website, an application, a directory or on social networks, your client must give 3, 4 or even more clicks to contact you.

3. Your company will have an impeccable Brand Image on Google.  

That the name of your business is written correctly, that if you have several points of sale the name is the same in all points, that you can publish your logo and photographs of your business, makes your brand image consistent and impeccable in the eyes of your customers.

4. Every point


will have all the information

what your client needs

Each client is different and therefore each one needs different information to make their purchase decisions, just as each one prefers a different way to contact you.


In each of your points of sale will appear: a description of your business, the exact address, the telephone, the hours of operation, the link to the website (if it has one), the indications of how to get there, your logo, photographs and opinions of your clients. 

5. You can take the customer to the door of your business

If your address is correct and the pointer of Google maps is located in the exact place, your customers can ask for directions and they will actually arrive at the door of your business.

6. You will have

a direct connection with

your clients

You will be able to receive opinions from customers about your business and answer them as "owner".

You will receive an email every time someone leaves a review about your business so you can respond quickly.

When you respond, your client will receive an email notifying them of your response, which will make them feel how important it is for your business.

This creates a direct connection with your client, generating loyalty and trust.

7. You will no longer make blind decisions

By registering your business with Google, you will be able to access statistics with the data of how customers search for your business and what actions they take when they find it. 

You will know with what keywords they search for you, how many times they click on the phone to call you, or on the link to visit your website or on the directions on how to get there, among many other data.

This information is very valuable since you can use it for your marketing strategy for all your sales channels.

8. You will be able to make publications and gain better positioning in Google


When you register your business with Google, you can post with images or video and text. 

Google displays listings directly in search results along with other information about your location.

These publications are an excellent opportunity to generate important content that will make Google give you a better position within the search results.

9. You pay it once and it stays there forever.  

We only charge you a fixed price for verifying/registering your point of sale with Google.

There are no monthly or recurring charges, you pay only once.

Tranquila con nuestra garantía 100 porciento satisfacción. No pagas si no recibes lo prometido

10. You have our Guarantee

of 100% satisfaction.

If after our work, your point of sale does not appear in Google with the information that we explain here, you do not pay it.

You have nothing to lose.

If your business appears on Google with complete and correct information, your customers will not need to look for other options.

If you also keep your information updated, make publications, upload photos and answer the opinions of your customers, Google will give you more and more relevance and therefore a better position in search results.

If you appear more, more clients will contact you and more options you will have to increase your sales.

Don't miss out on this valuable tool that the most used search engine in the world gives you.

Contact us !

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