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Bello Medellín  Pereira Bogotá Cali Sabaneta Manizales Envigado Chía Armenia

Meet our Cliente:

Sarku Japan is a Japanese food franchise founded in the United States in 1987. They have been in Colombia for more than 10 years and have 26 points of sale in 10 cities. Their dishes are made up of chicken, shrimp and meat prepared using the Japanese Teppanyaki (grilled) technique, accompanied by vegetables and exotic sauces Teriyaki, Mandariyaki and Sarkurri. They have a wide variety of sushi.

How did Sarku Japan appear on Google?

Not all the points of sale were on Google or Google maps.

Hours or telephone numbers of each point of sale did not appear in the Google files.

There was no brand consistency on Google. Different brand names appeared: Sarku japan, sarku japan, Sarku JAPAN

The addresses did not appear correct or complete in Google.

Some points of sale had photographs put up by the business.

Reviews or Comments made by customers in Google already appeared.

And now...

Sarku Japan Celular Te Ubicamos.jpg

How Sarku Japan appears today in Google

Imac Te Ubicamos Google.png
Sarku Japan Medellin Te Ubicamos.png

ALL Sarku Japan points of sale now appear in the Google My Business tabs.

The pointer showing the location of each business is  where it should be .

Information on opening hours , links to the website and telephone numbers of each point are correct and up-to-date .

The business categories that we put, bring traffic to the points of sale in Google.

There are statistics of visits , calls made, visits to the website from the Google files.

Among many more benefits...

Find Sarku Japan at:




Google Maps: 
Bello Medellín   Pereira Bogotá Cali Sabaneta Manizales Envigado Chía Armenia

An example of 2 points on Google in Medellín

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